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Environmental and quality policies

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Through the manufacture of products, Takara Works will constantly implement quality and environmental measures, improve customer satisfaction, and contribute to society.

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    We will pursue the requirements of our customers, and all employees will work together to improve the quality of our products, As well as to improve prices, delivery times, and responses.

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    Recognizing the environmental impact of our business activities and products, all employees will work together to prevent environmental pollution, promote energy and resource conservation, reduce waste, and manage chemical substances.

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    All employees shall work together to clarify and ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations, As well as other requirements that we should fulfill.

  4. 4.

    All employees will continue to improve the effectiveness of the quality and environmental management system.

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    In order to achieve this policy, all employees will work together to establish and promote specific objectives and targets, and to review the appropriateness of these objectives.

Yukihiko Yonezu
President and Representative Director, Takara Plant, Ltd.
Established on June 1, 2018.