Through the manufacture of products, Takara Works will constantly implement quality and environmental measures, improve customer satisfaction, and contribute to society.

Business philosophy

TAKARA's "hand" is the origin of superior technology.
In addition, we are always working on making products with heartfelt "hand to hand".
AV equipment, home appliances, computers, automobiles, etc. That enrich our lives can’t be described in the evolution of electro technology.
At its heart, basic technology for semiconductor manufacturing is the world of TAKARA's ultra-precision molds.
TAKARA's mission is to infuse the advanced technology and creativity that has been accumulated over many years of effort to meet customer needs precisely and speedily.

Human Resources Development

At TAKARA, each employee is working to raise their awareness so that they can make proposals to satisfy their customers.
We believe that human resources development with a balance of technology and common sense is important in order to provide products that are trusted by the latest technology of the times.
We combine the skilled technicians and young powers, and make the environment which can work hard with each other.
No matter how good the machine is, it is human beings to use it.
People who think by themselves and break through the barriers have a system that has a chance for anyone who has the ability with some common sense.